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Who is looking out for YOUR best interests?

I hear it all the time: “Why do I need a buyer’s agent? I can find the homes myself through the Internet.”

Yes, the Internet can give you SOME of the information you need on the homes you like… but not all. Besides, without a buyer’s agent, you’re essentially buying a home on your own. After all… • The agent at the open house represents the seller’s interests, not yours. • The agent at the model home represents the builder’s interests, not yours. • And if you’re dealing with owners, guess whose interest they represent… NOT YOURS.

Your home is your single largest financial obligation. Plus, it’s where you will spend most of your life over the next few years. You can make sure you find the RIGHT home that fits your family’s needs at the RIGHT price by considering me as your representing agent. I am an experienced buyer’s agent intimately familiar with your city. I listen to your wants and needs and provide you with a selection of the very homes that match your goals. Once I find the home you have your heart set on, I will help ensure the home is structurally sound and is not only a safe habitat, but a great investment as well. Then I will do our due diligence to secure an offer at a price within your budget. Remember, it’s the sellers who pay commission. There’s no reason to do it alone with something as important as finding and buying the right home. You will be represented by a professional Real Estate Broker specialized in winning sales for the buyers.